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  Closed Nov. 27 & 29 for Thanksgiving | Elkhorn Christmas Parade - Saturday Dec. 6

Welcome to Elkhorn Flying Dragons Martial Arts

The licensed* staff of the Elkhorn Flying Dragons is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We use martial arts training to help you become more self-confident, self-controlled and achieve better fitness while teaching you the basics of self-defense.

We help you build a healthy mind and body.  Our motto "Exercise to save your life" applies both mentally and physically. Moral philosophy is a large part of our art. Our students  are expected to learn and live by the Tenets of: Courtesy, Humility, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit. Physically, our art combines the kicks and strikes of Tae Kwon Do, joint manipulation of Hapkido, take downs of Judo, traditional weaponry, and techniques from other Martial Arts into a complete defensive art.

All ages can practice, learn and benefit from its unique art. Both adults and children quickly become proficient with classes grouped according to individual needs and skills. Students progress at their own rate and ability. Private lessons may also be available, allowing the student to advance more quickly or develop specific skills.

Let us be your guides on your path to an improved you. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you.

Our mission is "To improve the lives of our students, physically, mentally & spiritually through martial arts training."
-Master Robert Perk, Owner Elkhorn Martial Arts Center

*Our professional staff is licensed by the State of Wisconsin pursuant with 2009 Act 130


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Student Testimonials

Thank You so much! You helped make her become the strong women she is today. Unlike that shy little girl I walked into your school, who was be bullied at school.

- Deenna

Our Family has discussed so many times how lucky we are to have you in Lily’s life. You are the best character builders we could hope for and we know it will make a difference in Lily’s life.

- Bonnie

It started with name calling. Then it became physical. Our daughter has been in the Elkhorn Flying Dragons Black Belt Program for just over a month and the changes are significant already! She is sleeping at night without nightmares! Everyday we see a little more confidence!

- Jennifer

3 years and counting for myself and family under the only school locally with 2 masters at the helm. Always something new to learn in a safe clean friendly environment.

- Gary

This is the premier martial arts facility in the area. The instruction is top-notch. Not only do students learn self defense, but we also make a lot of friends in the process.

- Jeremy

I admire the work that I have observed tonight and hope that one day my nephew will one day grow to learn and adopt the great morals you instill in your students.

- Alexis

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